Friday, May 18, 2012

Spring Photographs

Spring is the season that refreshes us and fills us with positive thoughts. It hails the beginning of life as fresh flowers bloom and decorate the garden. Here are some wonderful spring images that will refresh your senses.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Morning Walk With The Sun

Today morning I went for a walk and took some snaps of the rising sun, which I would love to share with you all. The morning scenario is really mesmerizing and helps me to be energetic throughout the day. It is really a great experience to walk in the soothing rays of the morning sun and fills the heart with ineffable joy. The sun rises in the morning everyday without any expectations from any body.
The rising sun
Whether we love or hate, whether we admire or criticize, it has nothing to do with all these things. The only thing it knows is to do its duty unfailing in all conditions without getting any repay from any body.

This gives me new hope to live everyday without any expectations from anybody.  It is my duty to do whatever work I have entitled to do not looking at the world whether the world is praising or criticizing it. It is my duty to carry on my work unfailingly at all the times.
The rays of the sun gives me new energy each day to fight with the situations and face it at the cost and rise above it to make life more beautiful as the sun does by making this earth beautiful coming each day and sparkling the earth with its glimmering rays.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Strength Of Nature

Mother Nature has always poured a great strength in me whenever I felt losing the battle of life. It has always helped me to be strong and fight back whatever the struggles came.

Taking the greatest strength from it I always learnt to make stand up whatever the situation may be. Its beauty has always mesmerised me and every time I look at it I just fall in love with it.

By Jalpa Trivedi

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nature's Beauty

Nature is often referred to as 'Mother Nature' as it has a lot of things in its providence to offer us. It heals, nourishes and rejuvenates us. Our existence is owing to the mercy of mother nature. It blesses us with the great things that it gives us. In the excruciating heat of summer the relief that comes to us is only with rain. The lovely drops of rain cool the earth and bring down the harshness of the scorching sun.

Rain gives us relief and cools our environment. The first rain drops of the season are very special for me and I love to get wet in the first rain that comes after the sun has meted out its fury. Rains are often associated with romance and bring a warm feeling. See, the wonder of mother nature that not only cools us but brings with it a rain of other emotions.
The Walk Of Rain On Earth

Beauty Of Nature

Nature has always enchanted and excited me. The beauty of nature is magnificent. God's most charming creation  is nature. One finds solace and peace in the company of nature. Many a times we feel desolate with the ups and downs of life. But, when we take a walk in the woods we forget about our troubles and wonder the peace with which nature runs the entire show.

See the beauty of the forest and the trees in the above image. What is the thought that comes to your mind, when you see this picture. Are the trees trying to tell you something?

The silence and the magnificence that they reflect soothes the mind and senses. No matter how many troubles you may have in your life, nature just makes you forget them all, with the tranquility that it offers.